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Here at Global Stone Collection in Fort Pierce, FL, we have a showroom stocked full of beautiful natural and engineered stone slabs for you to look at, touch, and feel. Our comprehensive stone services range from state-of-the-art fabrication to expert installation at your home or business. Whether you have just started dreaming of adding stone to your space or you are ready to get your project started, call 772-467-1924 to learn more or stop by our showroom.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone is always beautiful because it is always unique. Naturally occurring, these stones are durable and resilient, even after daily wear and tear. With endless options on the market and no two slabs being exactly alike, homeowners find that natural stone provides them with a way to incorporate a true uniqueness in their space, while adding value to their home. Global Stone Collection carries a wide selection of natural stones, including:



Marble has always been highly valued for its beauty and timeless elegance. Commonly noted for its unique veining patterns, marble is an option for kitchen counters, vanities, fireplaces, and more. While durable, it is suggested to protect your marble finishes by properly sealing surfaces and using cutting boards to protect from scratching, as it is one of the softer naturally occurring stones.


Stone used in countertops, fireplaces, vanities, and more, this natural stone provides extreme durability and a wide variety of styles to fit any aesthetic. Granite’s non-porous quality makes it a perfect addition to high-traffic areas or multi-purpose spaces that could stain or discolor easily. It is available in many types of finishes and can range in color from more muted tones to bold colors with deep veining or mineral flecking. Paired with a granite sealant, your granite surfaces will provide you with lifelong enjoyment and add to the value of your home.


This decorative natural stone combines the hardiness of granite with the dramatic appearance of marble for a beautifully distinctive look for all types of surfaces. Available in a wide range of colors, quartzite provides homeowners with an easy to clean, minimal maintenance stone that can transform your kitchen or bathroom to fit any style. Like granite, quartzite requires little upkeep, though it is suggested to apply a stone sealant to provide additional protection. Its resilient properties make it extremely resistant to water, heat, and scratches.


Often presenting in white and gray tones, dolomite is the perfect match for a classically beautiful, yet more subdued aesthetic. Softer than granite and quartzite, dolomite can present scratches and staining if not properly protected. While it may not provide the harder surface some of its other natural counterparts may deliver, the natural patina and wear that accompanies softer stones can often be what draws some homeowners to choose dolomite for their kitchen, bathroom, and more.






Jumbal Agate 2CM

Grey Agate 2CM

Sodalite 2CM

Petrified Wood 2CM

Golden Agate 2CM

Crystal Agate 2CM

Blue Agate 2CM

Amathyst 2CM


(Engineered Stone)

Engineered stone, or more commonly referred to as Quartz, is a man-made stone comprised of a combination of quartz crystals and resin to produce an extremely durable, easy to clean surface. Quartz-based products are a popular choice for kitchen counter tops due to their high resistance to staining, heat resistance, and wide variety of color options.


Blanca Arabescato 3CM

Calacatta Aerolote 3CM

Calacatta Bianco 3CM

Calacatta Fantasy 3CM

Calacatta Laza 3CM

Calacatta Luna 3CM

Calacatta Oceana 3CM

Calacatta Rocky 3CM

Calacatta Statuario 3CM

Calacatta Tuscany

Calacatta Tuscany 3CM

Calcatta Ocean Gold 3CM

Calcatta Grey

Carrara Grey 3CM

Deseert Sands 3CM

Dusky Black 3CM

Iced Gray 3CM

Mystery Black 3CM

Mystery Grey 3CM

Pinpoinl 3CM

Pinpoinl 3CM

Sandstorm 3CM

White Panda 3CM

Ice Princess 3CM

White Fusion 3CM

White Galaxy 3CM

Carrara White


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